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Posts by Kelly Gallagher

BNI Stories: Contact Spheres and Partners in Profit

partners in profit contact spheres

A great contact sphere can help your business grow beyond expectation. But on the flip side, avoiding one or not being a part of one at all, could cost you time, effort, and profit. BNI founder Ivan Misner describes contact spheres as “a group of business professionals who have a symbiotic relationship.” These professionals are…

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Choosing a Networking Group: What You Should Consider   

choosing a networking group

Networking groups. I know. Sometimes even just hearing the phrase can be a downer. Networking groups don’t always have the best reputation. Many of them feel disingenuous and insincere. You attend an event and the people around you care more about giving their 5-minute spiel rather than getting to know you. It can be awkward…

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BNI Stories: Business Builders

business builders

Giver’s Gain: A philosophy based on the law of reciprocity.   Giver’s Gain is a phrase we often hear during BNI chapter meetings and events. In the context of networking groups, people who adopt this philosophy dedicate themselves to giving business to their fellow networkers rather than making their foremost concern getting business for themselves.  And…

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BNI Stories: Network Connections

network connections

Coopetition. A neologism coined to describe cooperative competition. Coopetition is a word mash-up of cooperation and competition, emphasizing the “petition”-like nature of joint work. It’s something that sounds completely backwards. Why would a small business want to work WITH their competition? How would either be able to receive referrals and grow, while constantly competing for the same…

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BNI Stories: Circle of Excellence

Circle of Excellence

Mentor. Noun. An Experienced and Trusted Advisor. Verb.  Advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague). A great mentor can make a world of a difference to an individual. In fact, many successful people credit their accomplishments to their mentors. Often saying that without their guidance, they wouldn’t have found the inner strength or confidence…

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BNI Stories: Undertaking Success

Undertaking Success

It’s always exciting to launch a new BNI chapter. It means new opportunities and contacts for business spheres. New ideas and visions within a leadership team will emerge. Not to mention all the new friendships and relationships to be formed. It was especially exciting for the newest Western PA chapter, Undertaking Success. Why you may…

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BNI MBA Program Overview

BNI MBA program

2018 is really quite a time to be alive. We’re living in an age of rapid evolution in technology, science, business, and the arts. Continuing education is being regarded as the ultimate tool in our tool belt. Most University MBA programs are catered towards big businesses and those with big budgets. This is why BNI…

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