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BNI University Comes to Western PA

BNI University

BNI University We are really excited to be able to announce that BNI members in western Pennsylvania have access to BNI University – an online learning environment. BNI brought its referral system for networking to Pittsburgh twenty years ago. And our members have had access to education on how to excel at networking through in-person…

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BNI Pittsburgh 2018 – celebrating 20 years

BNI Pittsburgh 2018 – Happy New Year As we finish up another successful year in 2017 BNI Western PA is looking forward to a great 2018.  In the coming months, we look forward to celebrating International Networking Week in February, the launch of BNI University, and other enhancements to BNI Connect and the BNI App.…

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BNI Pittsburgh in 2018

BNI Pittsburgh

Our dream for BNI in Pittsburgh for 2018 BNI  Pittsburgh 2018 – We want BNI in Western PA to become multigenerational. Pittsburgh is one of the youngest cities in the United States, we have a great new business community that has formed in many areas of the city and the surrounding suburbs. Areas like Lawrenceville,…

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Business consulting services to consider in 2018

Are you using business consulting services? Most small business owners are good at the technical aspects of delivering their business products and services.  This is true of marketing professionals that can develop marketing materials, lawyers who are great in the courtroom or in creating contracts, doctors who love to heal people and so on.  Michael…

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Small Business Owners Wanted

small business owners

The 4 R’s of growing your Pittsburgh based business in 2018 For those of us that grew up in the last century, the Three R’s were fundamental to our success in life – “Reading – wRiting and aRithmetic. In today’s spell checking world, we could not get away with such poetic license.  But these foundational…

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Productivity Tools to Grow your Business

productivity tools

One of the great things about technology is that it’s always giving business owners new and easier ways to reach their clients, run their companies, and make their work smoother and more efficient. Today, I’m going to share a list of productivity tools you can use to grow your business and make your life easier.…

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Being Grateful: Using Gratitude to Reach Your Goals

being grateful

How to Get More Clients and Referrals As a business owner, every day is a great day to reflect on the customers you’re grateful to already have and the avenues you have for getting more. Today, I’m going to share some things you can do to show your customers and referral partners how thankful you…

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Small business growth in 2018 – Grow your top line

Small business growth

How to Create a Life Plan that Helps with Small Business Growth Mall Business Growth – we all want it – don’t we?  The why do many business owners spend countless hours working on their companies, seeking and serving clients, trying to find referral partners, creating content, and doing dozens of other tasks… only to…

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Email marketing for your Strategic Referral Partners

email marketing

How to Use Authentic Marketing Emails Email marketing to Introduce Strategic Partners to Your Friends and Clients can be very useful to both you and your partners. If you’ve been reading our blog posts over the past month, you’ve gotten some valuable strategies and templates for identifying your ideal strategic partners, contacting them, creating a…

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BNI is vital for getting more business


Over the last few weeks, guest writer Frederick Geiger talked about how to get strategic partners, how to identify the best strategic partners for your business, and how to work with your strategic partners to get dozens of clients for both of you. This week, I want to give you some guidance for tapping into…

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