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BNI Pittsburgh in 2018

Our dream for BNI in Pittsburgh for 2018

BNI  Pittsburgh 2018 – We want BNI in Western PA to become multigenerational. Pittsburgh is one of the youngest cities in the United States, we have a great new business community that has formed in many areas of the city and the surrounding suburbs. Areas like Lawrenceville, East Liberty, the Strip District, Milleville, Cranberry, Southpointe, the west end, Carnegie and on and on are booming with new small businesses many owned by the newest generation of entrepreneurs.

Some of these businesses are being formed by the children, nieces, nephews of existing BNI members. But we know that many of these small business owners are the first members of their family to establish a new business and we would love for these new entrepreneurs to discover the referral system that is the foundation of BNI in western Pennsylvania and especially in Pittsburgh itself.

The BNI Referral System

We have a proven referral system in BNI Western Pa.  For, me it is gratifying to see our newest members in their early twenties and only one month into the business working beside business owners with thirty or forty years of experience.  I love seeing each learning from the other in BNI Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has always been called a melting pot – and in BNI we have a melting pot of educational backgrounds, regional backgrounds and now generational backgrounds.  This allows us to learn from one another and take all of our businesses to the next level.

Just this week, we launched our newest chapter in Irwin PA – the Capital Connections chapter.  We will be featuring this chapter in a future blog entry, but on Tuesday we got to hear from a new member – just 21 years old tell his story about how the BNI referral system got his attention in the first place, but it was the support of the members of his chapter that  has given him the confidence to talk to anyone about his business and how he can help them.

We are proud that BNI’s founder, Dr. Ivan Misener was born on spent the first six years of his life on the South Side of Pittsburgh and that now a new South Side is being serviced by BNI members who were born two generations after Ivan was learning to walk in his south side home.  To find an opening in a chapter for you, so you can try the BNI referral system in 2018, follow this link.  I hope to see you at a BNI meeting in the near future.  Together we can build the new Pittsburgh.

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