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BNI University Comes to Western PA

BNI University

We are really excited to be able to announce that BNI members in western Pennsylvania have access to BNI University – an online learning environment. BNI brought its referral system for networking to Pittsburgh twenty years ago. And our members have had access to education on how to excel at networking through in-person seminars. They have also found success in workshops geared towards using the proven BNI system for referrals and networking excellence.

But, today is a different world than twenty years ago. In 1998 the Internet was in its infancy and in-person trading meetings were the norm. Yet today, finding time in our busy work lives for a three-hour training that usually turn into a five-hour time commitment has become harder and harder with each passing day.

Features of BNI University

There are three core features of BNI university on-demand training:

  • Web browser for your laptop or desktop and iOS and Android apps for your tablet
  • The ability to start and stop lessons on your schedule anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Supplemental downloadable materials that can be referenced offline

Focus areas of BNI University:

Even more, BNI University has a number of topics of which it focuses on:

  • Base BNI member overview of core values and traditions
  • Member success program training
  • Leadership team training
  • BNI MBA program

Benefits of the BNI Member Overview

There are two elements for the BNI member overview. The first being our Core Values. And similarly, the second is the Givers Gain BNI story.  BNI Core Values include:

  • Givers Gain
  • Building Relationships
  • Lifelong learning
  • Recognition
  • Tradition plus innovation
  • Positive Attitude
  • Accountability

Being a member of a group with these core values has value, of course. But  more importantly, being prepared to show up the right way as a member is priceless.  Members who are familiar with and live our core values in business will gain much higher returns form the time that they invest in networking.  In fact, studies on a region of BNI that has focused on facilitating lifelong learning has found that there is a one to one relationship between the time members of networking groups invests in education to the amount of closed business received by those members.

Benefits of Member Success Program

There are four major components to the new BNI member success education:

  • Building relationships
  • Communication to lead to getting business referrals or leads
  • Participation in BNI meetings
  • Getting more involved in BNI and why

Benefits of Leadership Team Training

Being in a leadership position in any group that you are in is a great way for you to establish credibility as a leader in your own business.  With the introduction of online Leadership Team training (available in mid-summer), BNI allows you to continue to perfect your ability to do the leadership role that you volunteered to undertake.  This is important, because when you do a poor job in the front of the room of any group, you lose credibility or trust.

BNI teaches “know, like and trust” process as a way of getting permission to sell to the customer.  Think of service professionals selling services to small business owners.  Plus others who attend our week networking meetings. Multitudes of people use our referral system for getting new business. And the leadership skills that are learned are great way of building trust in our professional environment.

Through BNI University training, you have constant access to be able to go back and review key areas so you can excel at your job in the group. And as a result you get major help in building your business.  Furthermore, longtime members of BNI save that four-hour block of time each year.

Benefits of the BNI MBA Program

University MBA programs are designed for big business AND big budgets.  With the introduction of the BNI MBA program, small business owners who want a free source of education of the real world nuts and bolts of running a successful small business, BNI members have free access to this online learning environment.

Do you have questions about incorporating social media into your business strategy? Or what about leasing business space? The program covers those topics and more. They range from “The Power of Visioning and Thought” and “Creating a Memorable Brand” to “Digital Marketing 101″  and New Trends in Technology.” Each lesson comprises of an informative video and tracks your progress as you complete them. Furthermore, you get choose your own learning schedule and can tackle these lessons as you need. There is no set schedule you need to follow. Rather you create a schedule based on your business’ needs.

How Can I Experience BNI University?

If you are already a member of BNI,  you can login here. In contrast, if you are not a member, we invite you to attend a meeting at any BNI chapter in our region. For more information about BNI and to find a chapter to visit, simply click here.

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