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Giver’s Gain: A philosophy based on the law of reciprocity.  

Giver’s Gain is a phrase we often hear during BNI chapter meetings and events. In the context of networking groups, people who adopt this philosophy dedicate themselves to giving business to their fellow networkers rather than making their foremost concern getting business for themselves.  And in doing so, other people naturally become eager to repay their kindness by sending them business in return.  Givers Gain is a great way to live life in general and it is a standard which we can all apply to our daily lives. Giver’s Gain is also a corner stone of the BNI Business Builders chapter here in Western PA. This chapter is filled with givers. It is reflected in every area of their lives – from work, to volunteering, to how they spend their money, etc. Last week I was able to chat with member Alan Laick to learn more about this heartfelt chapter.


The Business Builders chapter has been a growing and active BNI chapter for the last two years. It is comprised of roughly 15 members – all of whom place value on kindness. Laick describes the group as “It’s a truly fun and positive group to be involved with. No one is ever negative. Just a refreshing group of people to be surrounded and motivated by.”

But more than anything, this group truly bonds over giving back to their community. They often spend the first 3-5 minutes of every chapter meeting discussing outside community projects they are involved with. They are extremely proud of and find fulfillment in helping out every opportunity they come across.

Projects They’ve Worked On

Business Builders have helped out with and run a number of charitable events in Western Pennsylvania. Their resident fitness professional recently held a 5K. The event was to help raise awareness and funds for a domestic abuse group in the area. Chapter members volunteered to help out on the administrative/planning side of the event. While others volunteered to physically run the 5K with friends and family.

They have also coordinated and been involved with car cruises, golf outings, toy drives, and other fundraisers.

Their Biggest Project

 Yet of all the philanthropy work they do, no project stands out quite like “A Night to Remember” (ANTR). ANTR is a formal evening of dinner, dancing, and friendship. Special needs guests have the opportunity to be salon pampered and driven to the event via limousine! They then have the chance to walk a red carpet, get their photos taken, and enjoy dinner and dancing with friends, family, caregivers, and buddies!

For more information on ANTR, click here!

Business Builder Involvement

Some of the businesses in the chapter helped to sponsor the event. Sponsorship is crucial to the ANTR event as it is entirely FREE for those in attendance. Guests are able to choose from a wide variety of dresses at the ANTR dress shop. Not to mention the option of free tux rentals! ANTR also has a team of hair and make-up professionals ready to help guests feel their most fabulous! And again, they do all this for free!

Yet, other members of the chapter actually volunteered to be buddies for the night. Each and every special guest is paired with a buddy from the community. The buddies are there to help assist and make sure attendees get to experience all the wonderful aspects of ANTR. “Most importantly, your buddy will be with you to make sure you have FUN!”

So Go Check Out The Chapter!

When I asked Laick about their weekly chapter meetings, his words were laced with positivity and gratitude. “Members always find a way to laugh every week. And there is always something in the chapter to look forward to. Even our closing quote of the week. It is always business related but guarantees a chuckle. Each meeting is always a good time and makes you want to come at 7:30 on a Tuesday morning!”

For more information on the Business Builders group, visit their Facebook page. Here you can see highlights of speaker presentations, BNI blogs, videos, learn about events, and more! And for more information about BNI and to find a chapter to visit, simply click here.

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