Try easier and more approachable methods to set a solid foundation for your SEO strategy - like consistent, correct directory listings & a focus on local.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those confusing marketing buzzwords. Marketing professionals claim it’s something you “have to have” but can often be vague about what that actually means. They also tend to throw around phrases like “keyword optimization” and “search engine results pages” – which more often than not, can confuse you even further. But we’re here to tell you that there are easier and more approachable methods to set a solid foundation for your SEO strategy. The key comes from consistent, correct directory listings, reviews, and focusing on local.

A New SEO Focus

While SEO isn’t an “end all be all”, tweaking your strategy with our insight could be the change your small business needs to begin experiencing growth. Just making sure your business listings are all correct can begin to bring change. More positive reviews will begin reaching more and more new people. Changing from a general to a local strategy will help your small business get noticed in your community. Now this change won’t happen overnight. But over time, the more trust you build with search engines, the more you are going to begin showing up in organic search.

The good news is that there are easy ways to begin making these changes. The Yext tool has the capability to get your business listing consistently across more than 50 different platforms. Not to forget to mention that it even finds appropriate platforms you aren’t on yet! Creating an accurate Google My Business (GMB) listing can help Google and other search engines trust your small business better. An email campaign is just one way to try and get some online reviews. Reviews are key in getting found organically online. Changing your perspective and focus towards your community can bring about a new sense of purpose and local pride. For a deeper dive into local SEO strategy, click here.

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