Undertaking Success

It’s always exciting to launch a new BNI chapter. It means new opportunities and contacts for business spheres. New ideas and visions within a leadership team will emerge. Not to mention all the new friendships and relationships to be formed. It was especially exciting for the newest Western PA chapter, Undertaking Success. Why you may ask? Well, this launch has been in the works for months.

Now, not many people would be able to stay so dedicated to the mere idea of a group. And only a few people would be willing to wait for a launch that may never happen. Many feared that a true launch date would just always be out of reach. But that’s what makes this specific group so special. They formed such tight-knitted relationships over those months. As long as they were meeting and trying to help each other, they were happy. Becoming an official BNI chapter was icing on this networking cake.

How did This Vision Finally Become a Chapter?

Members credit a lot of their success to the combination of adopting BNI values and the direction of Frederick Geiger. Before those two elements, the chapter often found itself stuck. It seemed timid and unsure of where to go next in the process. The core members also found themselves gaining and dropping members rapidly. With such constant inconsistency, it was hard to move the chapter forward.

Geiger, whose background is in business and marketing coaching, was able to stabilize the group after a few weeks. He prepped the members on everything BNI. They learned to give authentic testimonials. They practiced vulnerability in sharing their personal stories. Members leaned in towards BNI’s core values, and with that, they found their group gaining new members. New members were floored to be meeting such a group of genuinely kind people. It was refreshing to see business owners so invested in their clients.

No Really, They’re Invested

The members of the Undertaking Success chapter have some of the biggest hearts around. They would all give you the shirts off their back. And not just in the metaphorical sense. You should witness the passion that flows from them when they confide client problems with each other. It’s kind of magical watching them brainstorm the most effective solutions for their clients.

Oh and They Really Trust Each Other

The members of Undertaking Success are actually friends in real life. It’s not uncommon that most of them call each other a few times a week. Some have even been friends since childhood. With those close friendships come a lot of self-referrals in the group. Almost every single person in the chapter has used the services of another member. For example, the Rodan and Fields skin care consultant is currently working with 4 other group members to help heal their skin woes. And our current CPA did a third of the group’s taxes! The members of Undertaking Success don’t just trust each other for the sake of their clients. Rather they trust each other for the sake of themselves!

And How Did the Event Go?

It went without a hitch! 17 members and 14 guests were in attendance. The event was started by Geiger, who gained the audience’s attention with stories about his own experiences with using BNI referrals.

The members then captured the room while talking through two different client stories. They painted the pictures of a young businesswoman who was ready to expand her business. Then they walked the audience through the life of a client approaching retirement. Each member shared how he/she would be able to help during these exciting life events.

It’s honestly pretty incredible to realize the power of BNI and givers gain. And it’s also humbling to realize how many people in Undertaking Success are not only able to help out clients. But also their willingness to do whatever they possibly can for said client.

To Learn More

This is definitely a unique chapter. And it’s still accepting applications for membership. I believe this group is going to fill up soon, so go check out a chapter meeting as soon as you can! Undertaking Success meets every Friday from 7:30-9:00 am. They meet at the Beinhauer Community Center, located at 2828 Washington Road, McMurray, PA 15317.

Try a Free Trial!

Potential members are free to visit a BNI group twice and participate in the meeting. Just like a regular member, potential members will get to participate in:

  • An open network with the group members – to get the most return we recommend to members and guests to show up 15 minutes before the start of the meeting, giving you thirty minutes to meet and greet members and other visitors
  • An opportunity to present a picture of your ideal client and what you offer to them as a way of growing your business
  • A free ten-minute educational presentation from one of the members
  • Small brunei’s networking education for a BNI member of the chapter

To get started we suggest that you go to find an opening in a chapter that you can visit where you will not find your competition in the room – one of BNI’s key advantages.

Current BNI members can check out the BNI MBA program here! And for those of you curious about all BNI has to offer, we invite you to attend a meeting at any BNI chapter in our region. For more information about BNI and to find a chapter to visit, simply click here.

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